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«The only way to achieve the impossible is to believe that it is possible.»

Charles Kingsley from “Alice in Wonderland”

About the teacher

My name is Liya. I am a foreign language teacher. I have studied at universities in Poland, Taiwan, and England to improve my language teaching skills.

As of 2024, I already have 8 years of teaching experience. I have worked with both adults and children, ages 6 and up. I have helped students prepare for exams such as the GEPT, TOEIC, and school curriculums.

Since I am constantly developing my skills, I often attend seminars and sometimes speak at educational institutions. For 3 years now, I have been teaching my fellow Ukrainians for free in an English language group, helping and teaching as much as I can. 

Now, I have started my own online private language lessons, which are open for enrollment.

My mission

I strive to create a favorable learning environment where every student can reach their potential. My goal is to make the process of learning languages accessible, interesting and effective for everyone. Together, we will overcome language barriers and expand new horizons!

Work experience

For eight years, I have helped students of all ages and levels achieve their language goals. My experience includes private language lessons, group courses and online lessons. Thanks to my professionalism and individualized approach, my students quickly and confidently master new languages.

My diplomas

I am a teacher with many years of experience who is passionate about my work. My teaching methodology combines innovative approaches and time-tested methods to help students achieve their best results. Join my lessons and discover the fascinating world of foreign languages!

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Feedback from Students

Here are some of the experiences and impressions from students who have taken my courses, in their own words. Their feedback shows why my teaching methods are effective and motivating. Join the ranks of satisfied students and start your successful journey in learning foreign languages!

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Lera, I have never had such a great desire to learn a language! Thank you so much! I like it, I take notes, I'm interested. And it's all thanks to thanks to you!
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Thank you very much for the lesson, for the organization and the opportunity to practice English.
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This is true! This is a great help to us! And our gratitude is just a small crumb for your work! But there are a lot of us, so we send you a lot of positive things


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Киянка Валерія Корнєєва, яка шість років проживає у Тайвані, доправляє гуманітарку в Україну та вчить переселенців англійської

Дівчина організувла онлайн-заняття для всіх, хто потребує уроків англійської мови. Валерія Корнєєва народилася у Києві. Нині дівчина проживає в Тайвані. До цієї східноазійської республіки Валерія

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Available Lessons

Check out the various online language tutoring options I offer. From online private language lessons to group courses, find the best format and time that works for you. Find out more about the classes available and start your journey to foreign language fluency today!

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Get maximum attention and support with a personalized English as a foreign language tutor. My flexible scheduling and focus on your needs will help you achieve results quickly. Start your private language lessons today!

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Regardless of your level of knowledge, my online language lessons will help you learn foreign languages quickly and effectively. As an experienced teacher, I will provide you with an individualized approach and support at every stage of your learning. Start your journey to language fluency today!


Contact me

I will be happy to answer all your questions, provide details about the lessons and help you choose the best learning option for you. Write or call me to take the first step towards mastering a foreign language!


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